Top 10 Reasons Why Most Real Estate Agents Fail

  1. They fail to adapt to online marketing strategies and continue to use old tactics that don’t work anymore: cold calling, door knocking, flyer delivery. Etc. This poor investment of their time, tends to lead to burn out and eventual quitting.
  2. They practice antagonistic real estate rather than cooperative real estate. The treat other agents like an opponent to be vanquished, rather than looking for win/win strategies in negotiation. This alienates agents from selling their listings and makes deals harder to come to when a live offer is in play. Deals fall apart because agents on the other side would rather lose a commission than work with a bad apple agent, in many cases.
  3. They have no sense of provision from their Higher Power, and therefore treat their clients as if their clients are their source of income. This means that they’re often pushy and make unethical decisions, which alienates long-term clients and cuts off referral sources.
  4. They don’t contact their past clients and fail to stay top of mind which does not build a fruitful referral tree.
  5. They don’t shut down bad reviews. Everybody knows a crazy person, and Realtors are no strangers to having to work with crazy people. Sometimes it’s easier to just give a crazy person what they want rather than suffer their bad review.
  6. They take clients that they know they shouldn’t. They’re desperate for income (see reason 3) and they take clients who have unrealistic expectations, thinking that they’ll change them along the way. Clients don’t end up changing and they end up hating their Realtor.
  7. They don’t set clear boundaries and expectations up front. They befriend every client, even though it’s physically impossible for a successful agent to foster a meaningful friendship with every client they meet. There’s just not enough time in a day. Expectations don’t get met and the client isn’t happy.
  8. They don’t follow up on leads. Not everyone is ready to buy or sell right away. If you contacted them when they’re 9 months away but not again at 4-6 months, someone who is sharper than you will likely close that lead.
  9. They have no system for follow up, and leads slip through the cracks.
  10. They have no self care or faith life and the fallenness of humanity brings them to brink of suicide. I’m just saying. (See Reason 3,5,6)

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