Products and Pricing

Below is a list of our basic services with typical pricing on a per item basis.  As active Realtors, we also understand that your business is unique and so the services you require may vary, so our packages are meant to be flexible in order to meet your needs.  You are encouraged to reach out and get a quote tailored for you to include the service items and prices built just for you.  Talk to our sales team

PPC Management

Manage Paid Online Ads
From $75 / Week*
  • Monitor Changing Trends
  • Increase Traffic
  • Monthly status update
  • Lower Cost Per Lead
  • Increased Quality Leads

Paid Search Management

As leaders of a number one real estate team, we were beholden to PPC managers for years. We got tired of costs that were creeping up, managers we couldn’t talk to, or ones that we could talk to who were basically 12 years old and had NO clue what they were doing. Companies who promised low cost per lead (CPL) and delivered 3 times their estimate, apology-free. So we decided to master it for ourselves, and WHOA what a difference! We realized we were being had! All those years! We mastered how to produce HIGHER quality leads, and a much more affordable price, and we’ve brought your PPC engineer to YOU. You can actually speak to a live PPC Engineer who is the only individual dedicated to your account. You can micro target the communities that you specialize in, and capture leads who are far more high quality than the competition. Talk to us about low cost peripheral targeting, which was the key for us to lower costs per lead and increase revenue

Ongoing Coaching

Proven Strategies for Success
$ 150 Hour
  • Work Less
  • Sell More
  • Live Your Life!

Learn Winning Strategies from a Decorated Top Producer

Conceptualize how to close sales as an individual agent, growing team, or large brokerage. Build strategies and structures that will make you successful. You’ll be connecting with a Top Producing ACTIVE agent who can help you work out how to be successful with online leads. Comes in 1 hour blocks.

Facebook/GooglePPC Combo

Ads that Reach Further
$ 99 /week
  • Ads Created For You
  • New Leads Directly to you
  • Researched and Targeted
  • More!!

Expand Your Reach to Social Media Marketing

Expand your lead generation reach with cross platform advertising.

We generate and manage ads for you so all you need to do is manage what you love!! Sell houses to the leads that come to you.