Full PPC Management

Questions Before You Decide?

PPC Management Solutions

We were beholden to PPC managers for years, as leaders of a number one real estate team. We got tired of costs that were creeping up, managers we couldn’t talk to, or ones that we could talk to who were basically 12 years old and had NO clue what they were doing. Companies who promised low cost per lead (CPL) and delivered 3 times their estimate. So we decided to master it for ourselves, and WHOA what a difference! We realized we were being had! All those years! We mastered how to produce HIGHER quality leads, and a much more affordable price, and we’ve brought your PPC engineer to YOU. You can actually speak to a live PPC Engineer who is the only individual dedicated to your account. You can micro target the communities that you specialize in, and capture leads who are far more high quality than the competition. Talk to us about low cost peripheral targeting, which was the key for us to lower costs per lead and higher revenue.

How it Works

Onboarding and Set-Up

In order to get you going, we will need to connect with you to understand your goals and how we can help you reach them. Your new PPC management plan will include the coaching time required to maximize what happens after you get your new leads. We will complete the keyword research and tailor the campaign required to specifically target your key lead sources and drive the right traffic to you so your ad budget is always working efficiently for you. 

Monthly Management

Each market has its own set of variables, so as your campaign runs, it will need to be monitored to continue working efficiently for you by limiting budget on poor performing areas or boosting budget where more leads are coming in.  Your subscription will cover the full management cost but not your desired ad spend budget.

Community Booster Pack

The initial setup includes up to 20 target communities, which is typically good for most ad budgets and service areas. In the event you need to target more than the 20 communities, you can opt for the booster pack to increase your targeted areas.  Remember, depending on your market, adding more communities will also require a little bit more ad spend.