Location, Location, Location: Teaching Your Online Leads How to See Value in Real Estate


When I do my first showings with online leads, I always start at ground zero: explaining location to them. I tend to be more critical of how a home sits on the street and what it looks out at. I try to explain as much of this as possible, especially to new leads and even more especially to first time home buyers. New online real estate leads want to hear more about what’s wrong with a property, than what is right with a property. Sure, I’ll highlight good features, but generally they can see those themselves. It’s the bad things they want to know about, and it’s your willingness to pooh pooh a property rather than push a property that will gain you trust in their eyes, and trust is FAR better than an immediate sale, because trust gets you closer to a guaranteed sale, even if it’s far down your pipeline. Better than that, trust gets you referred to their friends and family and referrals are the easiest clients ever!

I have always had a theory that has served me well: I try never to let a client buy a house in a location that I wouldn’t live in. (And after 13 years in the business, I’ve become fairly picky on location.) Not only because I have impeccable ethics but because I know they’re going to call me to list it one day, and I don’t want to get stuck with a listing backing onto a road or facing a gas station. They’re a nightmare to sell and a quick way to alienate what used to be a great client.

It always surprises me how little first time home buyers know about location, and it’s certainly the most important aspect of their purchase. Wise and ethical education on location is a sure way to see those online leads, not only close, but turn into a fruitful tree of referrals and repeat buyers to come.

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