How Do I Become a Successful Real Estate Agent?


What I’ve always told the agents working for me is that finding leads to work with is 90% of your job in real estate, especially when you start out. The other 10% is being the best, most ethical, selfless, wise, and creative agent you can be when you’re on the job. So I’m going to skip that other 10% because really, you can read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or just generally be a good person who values other people more than you value self-interest. That part is pretty easy. That will get you where you want to go. I’m mainly going to deal with the other 90%, which is finding qualified buyers and sellers.

There are two main ways of finding leads: online and offline. We’re going to look at those ways over a series of blogs coming up here at Revival Wave.  Stay tuned for more blogs coming up where we discuss the two ways of getting new leads.

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