How Can I Improve My Real Estate Marketing?


The answer to this question is loaded, because I’m not going to suggest to you any of the old traditional ways which, I feel, don’t work anymore: flyers, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and the like. If you want to improve your real estate marketing, you have to go online. Period. How you go online is up for debate, but printing any marketing in this day and age, is almost completely extinct, and in some cases even makes buyers mad for the waste of paper.

The main and most powerful way to go online, is to have a personal website that carries authority. Not just your standard online brochure, but a powerful website with your local MLS IDX feed, along with engaging original content. This will make your website an authority in your market and will become a powerful place for you to advertise your listings.

Going hand-in-hand with this, is powerful, updated and relevant social media in all of its forms, which feature local, interesting, and mostly original content (excluding shared posts where the link is clear that it’s from another author). Being able to feature your listing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like will give it wonderful exposure.

More important than both of those is paid advertising. This should be a breath of fresh air to all technological agents: gone are the days of expensive full-page ads in the paper or board newspaper. Now you can micro-target the exact people who would be interested in a home like your listing and send them a digital ad that is tailored for their exact tastes, whether it’s on Facebook, Insta, or Google PPC. You can make your name famous, and you can splash your listing around town, for a fraction of the cost of mail-outs, calendars, door-knockers, or scratch pads. We’re top performing agents in our area, and one of us had to quit our day job to learn how to master this. With this, we’ve attained steady income and become the top agents at our brokerage. It can be done, but if you want to focus on showing and selling houses, feel free to contact us for a free 30 minute consult to find out how you can go online and guarantee income for years to come!

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Happy Marketing