Good Lead Vs. Bad Lead

Good Lead Vs Bad Lead

What is the difference between the two, and how can you bring a bad lead into being a good lead? For me it’s pretty simple, a good lead is a good phone number, email address and a name that is not, F— Y—! ?

With those basic components, a great CRM, and a talented ISA, you should be able to convert this lead or place them in your sales funnel. Higher quality leads are closer to the end of your funnel (1-9 months) and lower quality leads are farther out (12 months +). Higher quality leads tend to engage in more hand-raising activity: requests for showings, requests for more info on a listing, requests for office meetings. Your PPC specialist can (and should) be targeting these type of quality leads for you. If they’re not, call us!

Closing a quality lead is simple, follow up, offer value, and don’t be pushy!

A few ways to increase the quality of a bad lead is to look at their email address for their real name, if it wasn’t provided, and change it in your system so that the emails they get from you, have their real name. Additionally, a quality search based on what they’re looking for will increase that lead’s desire to return to your site and ask you for help when they’re finally ready. A good CRM should be able to show you what that lead has been looking at so you can replicate it. Many CRMs offer automatic saved searches; however, I haven’t seen very many of those searches turn up with very relevant listings. They’re often too wide and exhaust the lead, causing them to unsubscribe. Always have your agents come in behind new leads and create meaningful searches, that don’t deliver too much for leads that are further out. You don’t want listings delivering ASAP to someone who has indicated that they’re buying in a year. Once or twice a week is plenty. Be sure to set a reminder to have the searches deliver more often as their buy date approaches. Don’t contact them unless you have some value to offer them: new listing that you chose for them, open house opportunity, buyer seminar, interest rate alert. Etc.

Every contact should be personalized to that lead. Whatever your type of lead, be sure to offer personal service and sales will follow. For more information on online lead generation, real estate CRMs or to redeem your 30 minutes of free coaching, contact us here.

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