Change the Way You Think: A Realtor’s Guide to Working with Online Leads


We always tend to look at most problems as having 2 basic solutions: either A or B, and we weigh our options from there. But what if there was another way to think? Another way to consider how to be successful in a career in Real Estate.

From day one of being a Realtor, I saw all kinds of do-more-try-harder-type Real Estate books and advice, and in a way they had their place, but ultimately I find that they end up leaving agents wound up and frazzled—feeling like there’s so much they have to do to be successful that they don’t even know where to start. Many of the agents I talk to think they only have a few different ways of being successful: this real estate coach or that one. This success strategy or that one. This CRM or that one.

But what if success was more about your mindset then about which strategies you used for success? What if you could cultivate success by centering your mind on the truth: that your Higher Power has a plan for your life, and that plan is for your good, and not to harm you. Perhaps settling into this truth, could calm you enough to believe the ultimate truth: that you’re OK. You’re going to be OK, and you’re free to make radically ethical decision because your source of income isn’t your clients; it’s your Higher Power. Therefore, you can tell your clients when a property is awful and they shouldn’t buy it, because you don’t need to make a sale, even when you actually really need to make a sale.

You begin to value right and honourable decisions over your own wealth, realizing that it’s the right and honourable decisions that actually create your wealth! When your clientele sees that you’re willing to shoot yourself in the foot, just to make sure you protect their best interests, they will enthusiastically refer you. They will sing your praises and referrals will grow like crazy. The good choices come back to you 10-fold.

There’s only one issue: you can’t fake this. You have to actually change the way you think. Stop seeing your clients as a means to an end, and start seeing them as opportunities to bless perfect strangers with excellent selfless service. This is how to be come a Top Producing agent. This is how you build a business with staying power and guarantee a life time of paychecks. You just have to change your mind. Change the way you think. If you need help doing that, contact us any time by clicking here!

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