Get to Know Us

We are Realtors in Alberta, Canada. We’re top producing Realtors in our brokerage, and we run the top team at our brokerage. We’ve been top producers for years now, and it all started with a gamble back in 2011, when we decided to invest in working with online leads for real estate. We became very good at closing deals this way, and our company grew until we had more business than we could manage, and we were blessed to be able to take on new Realtors, and hire support staff. New Realtors meant we needed a greater volume of incoming leads to farm.  All this time, we had been buying what our out-of-the-box web company was selling us for PPC. These people are a very large, very successful, real estate web design company, which also specialized in SEO and PPC. At first, our cost per lead was decent, not amazing, but decent, but eventually staff turnover gave us new PPC “Experts” which were younger and less experienced than the people they replaced. Numbers ballooned and cost per lead was getting out of control. Although they tried to contain it, these PPC babies could never bring our numbers back to a realm where they were profitable, and so we left (in a huff…I confess). We went looking for bigger brighter horizons, thinking that a bigger more multi-national company was just thing to bring our costs down.

Suffice it say that they all promised the moon. They promised they could get numbers down and give me a far better CRM than what I had for less money. I finally settled on one of the top three online real estate lead companies. In week one, they doubled the already high numbers at my first company. In week two they tripled it. On top of all this the leads they were sending us were utter garbage. Quality was way down, not only were we getting lots of garbage registrations, but the ones we did get, were ages away from buying a home, or were only curious about buying a home and didn’t actually have a downpayment etc.

 It was devastating. Not only had we spent big bucks on set up and admin fees, but we’d spent big bucks transitioning our team to a new platform, with training, etc. We had flushed a bunch of cash down the drain. What was worse was that they offered no refunds, and had I not pitched a giant fit, they were not going to let me get out of the year long contract that we signed either!

Being a sucker for punishment, and refusing to go back to company number one, we went to the next big box company, and were identically burned. We lost tens of thousands. It was a disaster, but our business model was built on this strategy and giving up wasn’t an option.

So we decided to learn it. We decided to tame the beast named Google.

Our issues were that the people who worked for these big companies were wildly underqualified pencil pushers, and that’s if we were even allowed to talk to them at all!! One of the companies would not even allow us to communicate with our own PPC specialist! No wonder our costs were through the roof! We knew that being Realtors, and understanding so much about this industry, and also having detailed and extensive experience in real estate web lead capture, we could do better, and we did! We went to town, learning the ins and the outs of this whole process. We tirelessly researched and studied, and experimented until we found just the right mix to get our costs down to a fraction of what they were with the first company AND on top of that, increase quality so that were capturing more leads who were at the end of the sales funnel (1-9 months), rather than at the top (3-5 years). We increased hand-raising activity from leads: requests for showings, more information on a listing, and requests for meetings.

All it took was one man, to basically quit real estate entirely, and devote his whole life to taming Google. So we’re here to pass on this knowledge to you. Our experience can kick start your business, and we’ve gotten the costs low enough, that even new agents can afford to do online lead generation and be profitable. Gone are the days when only giant brokerages can afford to get a big volumes of high quality leads through the door. What’s more, is that all of our packages come with a complimentary 30 minute coaching consult to make sure that you have the sales structure in place to successfully farm the leads you get.

We can grow your company whether your monthly budget is $400 or $5000. We can help you dominate your market by micro-targeting your communities of choice and forcing out the competition by paying a lower price for a higher volume of quality leads.

We have created an all-in-one solution for Facebook Advertising, Coaching, and Full time Inside Sales Agent (ISA), which completely replicates our success strategy in a one stop shop for lower costs than we ever paid, and much more qualified techs! Most of the people you talk to at Revival Wave, are licensed Realtors in Alberta. We speak your language!

Your best step forward is shoot us an email to set up a time to talk. We’re happy to have a no obligations consult with you to see if we can drop your costs and improve your ROI! We’re so excited to help you bring a wave of revival to your real estate business! Surf’s Up!